The best Harry Potter advent calendar

Fans of The Wizarding World will be delighted with the 2021 lineup of Harry Potter advent calendars, which feature rare toys and collectibles sure to surprise them each day leading up to Christmas.
Fans of The Wizarding World will be delighted with the 2021 lineup of Harry Potter advent calendars, which feature rare toys and collectibles sure to surprise them each day leading up to Christmas. (BestReviews)

Nothing kicks off the month of December quite like an advent calendar. Opening up that first tiny window sets the scene for a month of magic ahead, with memories and excitement for family members of all ages. For Harry Potter fans, the joy of being surprised every day leading up to Christmas with a new toy, accessory or piece of memorabilia from the series is sure to make the holidays even more enchanting and special.

The Lego Harry Potter 2021 Advent Calendar is a wonderful selection for fans of both Harry Potter and of Lego, with each day providing you a new object to build, play with, display and enjoy.


What to know before you buy a Harry Potter advent calendar

Harry Potter and Christmas

While the first thought that pops into your mind when you think of Harry Potter might be Halloween, the series has actually placed a much greater emphasis on the significance of Christmas throughout the books and films. Christmas in the Wizarding World, much like in the Muggle world, is a time filled with food, holiday music, the gathering of family and friends, beautiful sparkling decorations and trees filled with (in this case, enchanted) ornaments. The series explores friendship and family at its core; during Christmastime we see the characters give one another thoughtful gifts every year as Harry builds a “family” with Ron, the Weasleys, Hagrid and Hermione. It is at Christmas that the invisibility cloak is first returned to Harry from Dumbledore and when Harry first visits Godric’s Hollow with Hermione.

Modern advent calendars

While advent calendars traditionally featured small windows that opened up to reveal images or verses representing different Christian themes, the majority of modern advent calendars are meant for children to get a treat like a chocolate Santa or toy, like a Lego minifigure, each day in December. In the last decade, advent calendars have gotten much more detailed in their treasures, with specialty advent calendars for most large fandoms like Harry Potter, Marvel and “Star Wars.” Within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, there are advent calendar subgenres, which range from Lego, Funko Pop! toys, jewelry, memorabilia and more.


Harry Potter merchandise

The merchandising line for the Wizarding World is incredibly extensive. Fans of the series tend to be voracious collectors and the series only continues to grow with expanding theme parks, the ongoing Fantastic Beasts films and future plans for cinema and television a likely possibility.

Harry Potter merchandise ranges from the more expected items like clothing and bedding to more unexpected items like cookware; Le Creuset features a stunning line of Harry Potter Dutch ovens, mugs and more. By far the most popular Harry Potter items on the market are toys and games. Whether it's a console title, a stuffie, a collectible figure, Lego or otherwise, Harry Potter toys are a worldwide favorite. For fans of Harry Potter who enjoy playing board and card games, Harry Potter Games are a surefire holiday hit.

Harry Potter advent calendar features


Higher-end advent calendars, specifically for large fandoms like Harry Potter, tend to be produced with collectors in mind. They typically feature rare collectibles like the Griphook minifigure for the Lego advent or the Trelawney Funko for the Funko Pop! Harry Potter advent calendar that might not be available for purchase separately.

Holiday items

Harry Potter advent calendars will usually feature their standard characters and memorabilia but with unique Christmas accessories and holiday themes, making them harder to come by or completely unavailable during the rest of the year.

Alternative to candy calendars

For parents who would prefer not to start or end their children’s day with a piece of chocolate or candy, Harry Potter advent calendars offer a healthier alternative with toys and activities instead. Not only are you avoiding that unhealthy sugar rush, but you’re also engaging their mind with something fun and exciting.

Harry Potter advent calendar cost 

Harry Potter advent calendars start at around $35 dollars and can cost as much as $85 and up depending on the calendar you select. Harry Potter advent calendars tend to be collectors’ items in many respects; they offer rare items and tend to sell out quickly leading up to December.

Harry Potter advent calendar FAQ

Are these 2021 advent calendars featuring new characters?

A. Any Harry Potter advent calendar being released specifically for 2021 will feature some brand-new characters, toys and pieces that haven't been available in previous years.

Why are so many Harry Potter items difficult to come by?

A. Due to the immense popularity of Harry Potter merchandise and by the unprecedented supply chain issues being experienced worldwide due to Covid-19, it is best to order any holiday items early or as soon as they are available to avoid missing out.

Which Harry Potter advent calendar should I get?

Best of the best Harry Potter advent calendar

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar: available at Amazon

Our take: This incredibly popular Lego Harry Potter 2021 advent calendar combines the pieces perfectly with other Harry Potter Lego sets and features some special items and rare minifigures that collectors will love.

What we like: This Harry Potter Lego advent calendar makes an excellent pre-holiday gift for fans of the series or for fans of Lego, includes Christmas-themed Lego pieces, is a ton of fun to play with and features 24 surprises that kids will absolutely adore.

What we dislike: This calendar sells out almost instantly.

Best bang for your buck Harry Potter advent calendar

Funko Pop! Advent Calendar 2021 Harry Potter: available at Amazon

Our take: This adorable Funko Pop! Harry Potter advent calendar for 2021 is an instant hit and adds Harry, Ron and Hermione to your collection of Funko mini collectibles.

What we like: This neat advent calendar includes many of the major Harry Potter characters for an unbeatable price, which is perfect for imaginative play and builds up so much excitement for Christmas.

What we dislike: One reviewer indicated that the packaging arrived damaged.

Honorable mention Harry Potter advent calendar

The Carat Shop Official Harry Potter Jewelry Box Keepsake Advent Calendar: available at Amazon

Our take: This unique and officially licensed Harry Potter Jewelry Box Advent Calendar by The Carat Shop is a keepsake box containing 24 special collector's items, including charms, jewelry and accessories.

What we like: This high-end Harry Potter advent calendar is for longtime fans of the series who love charm bracelets, necklaces and keychains which subtly display their Harry Potter pride.

What we dislike: The high price point of this advent calendar makes it harder to afford on holiday budgets.


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