Best stocking stuffers for cats

If your cat turns up their nose at their Christmas catnip present, they aren’t alone: less than 70% of cats are reactive to catnip. Try a treat made with silver vine, which provokes a similar response with a higher success rate.
If your cat turns up their nose at their Christmas catnip present, they aren’t alone: less than 70% of cats are reactive to catnip. Try a treat made with silver vine, which provokes a similar response with a higher success rate. (BestReviews)

Fun, delicious and stimulating stocking stuffers to treat your feline friend

Your cat is a treasured member of your family, so why should they be left out of the fun Christmas morning? Stuff a stocking for your cat, too! It’s not spoiling them if it’s good for them, and gifts like protein-packed cat treats or toys that promote exercise are definitely good for your cat. To help you share the Christmas spirit with the feline friends in your life, here are our top picks for the best stocking stuffers for cats.

Cat toy stocking stuffers

Earthtone Solutions Handmade Wool Felt Ball Toys: available at Chewy and Amazon


These soft, safe and quiet ball toys are handmade in Nepal by women artisans. They come in a pack of five different colors and are made from 100% wool with nontoxic dyes. At 1.5 inches across, they’re big enough to avoid posing a choking risk, and their soft and springy texture makes them fun to play with.

Pet Fit For Life 5-piece Squiggly Worm Wand: available at Chewy


This wand teaser toy comes with “refills” of five neon plush wigglers that attach to the break-resistant fiberglass pole with a sturdy, easy-to-use metal clasp. The woven nylon string also has a detachable bell to catch your cat’s interest. The wigglers measure 8.5 inches long, making them big enough to mentally engage even the pickiest cat’s hunting instincts.

Petlinks Refillable Catnip Plush Toy: available at Amazon

With its striped tummy, varying fabric textures and realistic tail, this tennis-ball-sized toy makes a cute addition to your cat’s toy basket. Plus, it has an inner velcro pouch that can be filled with catnip to make it extra appealing. The toy comes with a tube of organic catnip for refills.

Frisco Holiday Springs Cat Toys: available at Chewy

Looking for a great bargain on your cat’s entertainment? These deceptively simple cork-sized plastic springs provide hours of entertainment, especially if the cat plays fetch. The springs’ forgiving, bouncy construction means they are hard to break and they won’t hurt your feet if you step on them. They come in a pack of 10 in festive red and green.

Cat treat stocking stuffers

Whole Life Pet Product Healthy Cat Treats: available at PetSmart and Amazon

It's the holidays, so why not spoil your cat with some extra-special cat treats?  These protein-packed, freeze-dried treats are made in the USA from human-grade, American-raised chicken. They're great on their own, either dry or rehydrated, or as a meal topper. The 4-ounce package will net you the best deal on these wholesome treats.

TriciaMadeThis Cat Treats: available at Etsy

Think outside the (plastic) box with these handmade, organic cat treats. They’re made with simple ingredients like whole wheat flour and coconut oil, which can help make your cat’s coat shiny and healthy. Choose from catnip or pumpkin flavor, and each bag comes with 45 crunchy treats. These treats are shelf-stable, so they don’t need to be kept refrigerated or frozen and can easily be used to reward your cat anytime.

Cat Grass Microgreen Sprouting Seeds: available at Etsy and Amazon

Is your cat munching on your houseplants? Give them something else to chew on that’s as good for their health as it is for your plants. This USA-grown, GMO-free cat grass seed selection is easy to grow and provides digestive aid and hairball control for your cat. Starting cat grass seeds is easy to do in either soil or water. Within a week, your cat will have fresh, healthy grass to munch on.

PetSafe SlimCat Feeder Ball: available at Amazon

This treat dispenser is a great pick for a cat that needs more activity or stimulation. It can help entertain them during the day, make meals more fun or provide portion control for overweight cats. The puzzle feeder toy comes in four color choices and dispenses kibble or treats up to .4 inches large. The adjustable opening lets you control how challenging the toy is for your cat.

Meowy Janes Matatabi Cat Chew Sticks: available at Etsy and Amazon

If your cat likes to chew, or if they don’t really go for catnip, give them a fun new toy for Christmas in the form of these all-natural chew sticks. They’re made from twigs from matatabi, an Asian plant also known as silver vine, which makes cats react similarly to catnip. Plus, the chewing action can help improve your cat’s dental health while they play. Gently rub off some of the stick’s bark to release the scent, then watch your cat have fun with this catnip alternative toy.

Cat collar stocking stuffers

Lamphyface 3-pack Breakaway Fruit Print Cat Collars: available at Amazon

Collars with ID tags are a good idea for all cats, including indoor cats, so they can easily be returned to you should they get lost or injured outside. These vibrant bow-tie collars come in a pack of three and feature a cat-head-shaped breakaway buckle. Each collar has a different colorful fruit print and a corresponding charm hung next to a small bell.

Merry & Bright Holiday Red Plain Bow Tie Cat Collar: available at PetSmart


Featuring a festive plaid bow and a gold jingle bell, this collar is perfect for dressing your cat up for a Christmas-morning photo. The breakaway collar snaps apart if they really aren’t a fan of being festive.


Cove Leather Metal Hand-Stamped Cat ID Tag: available at Etsy

Your cat is a special part of your family, so make sure they can be returned to you if they get lost by equipping them with an ID tag. These hand-stamped metal tags make your cat’s collar personalized and precious, and measure 3/4 inches in diameter and are available in two metal-finish options and four font choices. You can even choose additional designs like hearts or mountains to transform the ID tag into a keepsake.

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