The best skateboard wheels

To make your skateboard wheels wear more evenly and last a little longer, rotate them every few months by switching sides and flipping the graphic side in towards the trucks.
To make your skateboard wheels wear more evenly and last a little longer, rotate them every few months by switching sides and flipping the graphic side in towards the trucks. (BestReviews)

As the skateboarding industry has evolved over the years, skateboard wheels grew and shrank, and trends evolved. Whether you’re going for a retro 1980s setup, or you want something simple to take you from the streets to the parks, there are many sizes and styles from which to choose.

If you're mostly focused on street skating but want to skate parks as well, a versatile skateboard wheel like the Bones 100's Skateboard Wheels is a great choice. When legendary skateboard company Powell-Peralta was re-formed in the early 1990s, the Bones company was founded and began making skateboard wheels, bearings and hardware for all skate styles. The 100's series are their classic design and are guaranteed against flat spots or other excessive wear over time.


What to know before you buy skateboard wheels


Skateboard wheels range in diameter from 52-65 millimeters depending on the style of skating. Cruiser skateboard wheels tend to be bigger than 56 millimeters. Street-style skateboard wheels are usually 52-55 millimeters. If you decide to go with larger skateboard wheels on a street-style skateboard, you might want to get a set of risers to go under your trucks. These will provide additional distance between the wheels and the bottom of the deck in order to avoid "wheel bite" which is when your wheels dig into your deck as you turn.


The durometer is the softness or hardness of the skateboard wheel. In general, skateboard wheels with a durometer of 98a or above are considered faster and harder, meaning they will slide more easily on skatepark surfaces. This may or may not be desirable depending on your skill level and style. Skateboard wheels with a durometer under 98a are generally either a hybrid wheel meant for cruising and street skating, or just for cruising. A hybrid wheel usually has a durometer of about 87-90a. A cruiser wheel might have a durometer as soft as 78a, which is the most common. Soft wheels tend to have more grip and bounce, making them better for skating over rough surfaces or skating slowly.



Skateboard wheels were originally made from steel in the 1950s in very early skateboard prototypes, then clay. Later in the 1970s, manufacturers started making skateboard wheels from polyurethane, which is still in use today.

Skateboard wheels features


Some skateboard wheels have graphics on them and some are blank. Skateboard wheels come in a variety of colors, with white or black being the most common. Skateboard wheel graphics will usually include the size and durometer of the wheel.

Water resistance

Some skateboard wheels have a water-resistant coating. This is a great feature if you live somewhere where the weather is unpredictable and you might get caught in the rain, or if you skateboard near a body of water and might skate through puddles.

Coated skateboard wheels

Some skateboard wheels have an additional polyurethane coating which might also be UV-resistant. This will keep the wheels from wearing down, but might also make them slightly heavier.

Skateboard wheels cost 

Skateboard wheels are sold as a set of four and range from about $30-$50 depending on the type of skateboarding and the size.

Skateboard wheels FAQ

My skateboard wheels don’t spin as fast after skating on them for a few months. What’s wrong?

A. Chances are, your skateboard bearings are starting to wear out. You can change your skateboard bearings without having to get new wheels. Over years of use, skateboard wheels will wear enough to develop flat spots, which means they won't spin as evenly. They will also wear down. When this starts to happen, you should definitely replace your skateboard wheels.

My skateboard was left out in the rain and my skateboard wheels got wet. What should I do?

A. You should never leave your skateboard outside, but sometimes these things happen (or maybe you were caught in the rain on the way back from your skate spot). If you can, put your skateboard in front of a fan to dry or wipe it down with a towel as soon as possible. You can also remove the bearings and dry and clean them so they won't rust.

Which skateboard wheels should I get?

Best of the best skateboard wheels

Bones 100's Skateboard Wheels: available at Amazon

Our take: These skateboard wheels from skate veterans Bones come in sizes from 52-55 millimeters, making them suitable for street or park skating.

What we like: The 100a durometer makes them fast and slick for street skating. They have a UV coating so the white ones won't yellow with age.

What we dislike: Some skaters might find them to be too fast, especially for skateparks. Some skaters might find the price to be slightly high.

Best bang for your buck skateboard wheels

Bigfoot 83a Skateboard Wheels: available at Amazon 

Our take: These affordable wheels are perfect for new skaters who just want to cruise.

What we like: Very quiet, these offer a smooth, fast ride and easily handle cracks and bumps. They come in 53 and 55 millimeters. You can choose from a variety of colors, including green, red and blue.

What we dislike: They may not be durable enough for serious skaters.

Honorable mention skateboard wheels

Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheels: available at Amazon

Our take: These soft lightweight wheels are great for skaters who skateboard on rough surfaces or who want a little more grip when they're skating ramps, bowls and pools.

What we like: Their softness makes them good for beginners first learning tricks. Their light weight makes them good for skaters who do a lot of flip tricks.

What we dislike: Their size range is somewhat limited at only three choices of 52, 54 or 60 millimeters. Due to their softness, they don't slide as easily on rails or curbs.

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