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The size of high-end office decor should always be comparable to the dimensions of the space. For example, you shouldn’t hang an enormous piece of wall art on a relatively narrow wall.
The size of high-end office decor should always be comparable to the dimensions of the space. For example, you shouldn’t hang an enormous piece of wall art on a relatively narrow wall. (BestReviews)

High-end office decor is a necessity in some cases. Perhaps you service high-net-worth clients and you need to portray an uber-successful image. Or maybe it’s about quality; you need pieces that’ll last for many years and aren’t afraid to pay dearly for it. Regardless of the reason, you’ll greatly improve your chances of creating an expensive look if you follow certain guidelines.

The Latitude Run Segments wall art is the perfect example of attractive high-end office decor. Neutral beige mingles with dusky black and several muted shades of blue to create a soft look. The graduated look of the abstract design accentuates this piece's appeal.


What to know before you buy high-end office decor

Neutrality is key

In general, you’ll have more freedom with high-end office decor if you’re decorating your home office. You can make your own personal taste more of a priority than with a shared office. However, you should still be somewhat cautious if you entertain colleagues or clients onsite or hold meetings over video conference.

When it comes to shared office space, neutrality truly is key. Keep in mind that you’re decorating for a group of people who might have very different tastes and beliefs. This is the reason why subtle colors and designs, as well as a theme that won’t prove offensive to anyone, is critical. Avoid pieces that express a religious or political belief, as these decorations could lead to disgruntled colleagues or clients.


Unexpected focal point: the desk

The biggest focal point of an office might just be the desk. Yes, you read that right. Think about it: Most desks are substantial in size. Plus, the desk is where all the action takes place. And it's where you spend the majority of your time. So, don't forget about the desk when you're choosing high-end office decor. Consider displaying a vase, decorative bowl, small sculpture or even a stylish desk organizer on the surface of the desk. Not only will it enhance the overall aesthetic of the space for visitors, but it'll also make the hours spent at work more pleasant.

Convenience of a set 

If you’re decorating a shared office space, a set offers great convenience. Rather than expending the effort to ensure that separately sold pieces complement each other, a set does the work for you. And the more pieces you buy together, the less time you need to spend shopping ― freeing up your time for other pursuits.

High-end office decor features

Decor category

You can get creative with high-end office decor despite the need to exercise caution. The creativity stems from the large variety of decorations on the market including:

  • Floor vases
  • Tabletop vases
  • Hanging vases
  • Wall art
  • Sculptures
  • Bowls
  • Throw pillows
  • Area rugs 

You can collect a wide range of decorations even if the space is only suitable for a few pieces. The wealth of choices at your fingertips ensures your success at this venture.


In one sense, decorating a home office is akin to decorating the rest of your home. You want the pieces to coordinate with your overall decor scheme. Achieving this balance creates a streamlined, cohesive look that’s pleasing to the eye. That said, given the amount of time you spend working in your office, you might want to select decorations that are constructed of durable materials. If you knock one of the pieces to the floor while you’re caught up in your work, a sturdy piece is less likely to get damaged or destroyed.

A shared office makes robust high-end office decor a necessity. With multiple people working in the space and the potential for guests to stop by, the risk of a broken decoration is high. Look for high-quality metal and wood pieces that can stand up to a beating.


The size of high-end office decor should always be comparable to the dimensions of the space. For example, you shouldn’t hang an enormous piece of wall art on a relatively narrow wall. If you do so, the artwork will overwhelm the space, detracting from its aesthetic appeal.

High-end office decor cost 

High-end office decor comes with a high price range. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to several hundreds of dollars for one high-end piece.

High-end office decor FAQ

How do you create an elegant look with office decor?

A. Simple lines and a clean, spare design go a long way in creating an elegant look. Avoid pieces that go overboard with patterns, colors or embellishments. These characteristics will look too busy and "loud." Instead, go for an understated design that whispers rather than shouts.

How can you ensure you’re getting your money’s worth from office decor?

A. Don't assume that just because decor is expensive, it's also high quality. Certain red flags will tip you off to poor workmanship and shoddy materials. Telltale signs include material that's cracked or chipped, color that's started to bleed or fade and stitching that's unraveled or uneven.

Which high-end office decor should I get?

Best of the best high-end office decor

Latitude Run Segments Wall Décor: available at Wayfair 

Our take: An abstract design with a graduated effect makes this generously sized wall art the perfect statement piece.

What we like: If you want your office to have stylish panache while retaining a professional aesthetic, consider this piece. The wall art is printed in muted shades of beige, black, green, teal and blue that add a splash of color. Texturing infuses this piece with interest that'll leave a memorable impression.

What we dislike: A couple of buyers reported that the frame of the print was damaged upon arrival.

Best bang for your buck high-end office decor

Astoria Grand Ilana Decorative Elephants Two-Piece Figurine Set: available at Wayfair 

Our take: A silver-tone and carved jewel accents add a hint of shine to this pair of regal elephant figurines.

What we like: Elephants are revered worldwide, due to their symbolic meanings and their appealing appearance. Inject your office with a little elephant magic with these figurines, which are made of silver-toned polyresin. Leaf-inspired jewel accents elevate the style to one of low-key glamour without making them gaudy.

What we dislike: The smell of the paint was problematic for at least one buyer, who felt the elephants smelled odd.

Honorable mention high-end office decor

Red Barrel Studio? Bloomsbury Market Handmade Wooden Tree of Life Décor: available at Wayfair


Our take: Representing growth and strength, this Tree of Life sculpture in wood will inject your office space with sophisticated flair.


What we like: Carved by hand from solid Acacia wood, this sturdy piece is built to last. The center of the circle is cut out for a unique touch. A Tree of Life silhouette adorns the sculpture in a gold leaf type of texture. A hand-polished technique lets the finely wrought details take center stage.

What we dislike: People who favor bright or pastel colors might not appreciate the neutral tones of this sculpture. 

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