The best mini cupcake liner

Mini cupcakes are a great special snack for smaller children, and mini cupcake liners mean you don’t need to mess with plates or forks, even on the go.
Mini cupcakes are a great special snack for smaller children, and mini cupcake liners mean you don’t need to mess with plates or forks, even on the go. (BestReviews)

For festive occasions (or just to mark the end of a long day), mini cupcakes are always welcome. These tiny, sweet treats are the perfect size when you want a delicious bite or two of frosting and cake. You’ve got your recipe ready, so now all you need is mini cupcake liners to make your bake perfect.

Bakerpan Silicone Mini Cupcake Holders are the best mini cupcake liners for bakers who want to save money (and the environment) by reusing these tiny baking tools.


What to know before you buy mini cupcake liners

Although you can certainly create delicious mini cupcakes using a mini cupcake tin and a good dose of cooking spray, cupcake liners keep hands tidy and make it easier to remove them from the tray. And some cupcake makers require mini cupcake liners to work.

Whether you are baking in a tin or using a cupcake maker, it’s important to choose the best mini cupcake liners for you.


Silicone vs. paper vs. aluminum

Mini cupcake liners come in three primary materials: silicone, paper and aluminum. Paper mini cupcake liners are easy and convenient when you are taking mini cupcakes to a bake sale or over to a friend's house, but they are single-use and end up in a landfill.

Aluminum mini cupcake liners can often be used more than once (and they can be recycled), but some bakers do not like to use aluminum in their baked goods.

Silicone mini cupcake liners are the best of both worlds. They are reusable, and when made from food-grade plastic they are safe in the oven, in the microwave, in the dishwasher and in the freezer.

Type of baking cup

There is more than one type of mini cupcake liner.

  • Round mini cupcake liners are common, and they can be found in the grocery store.  Sometimes the edges are smooth, while others have small folds for a pleated look.
  • For more decorative cupcake liners, look for lotus, daffodil or tulip mini cupcake liners. Each one of these mimics the flower for which it's named.
  • Finally, scalloped mini cupcake liners have swooping, scalloped trim at the top and smooth sides.

Regardless of the type of cupcake liner you choose, they can be found in a variety of fun colors and designs. Look for patterns or prints that accentuate your beautiful decorations or that bring interest to a simpler style of frosting.

Number of mini cupcake liners

The number of mini cupcake liners you buy depends on what you'll bake now and what you'll bake in the future. Simple paper and aluminum mini cupcake liners often come in packs of 100, while silicone mini cupcake liners are sold in multiples of 24 (the number of cavities in most mini cupcake baking tins).

Mini cupcake liners features

Food-safe materials

Regardless of which material you choose, silicone, paper and aluminum mini cupcake liners should only be made from food-grade material. This means your silicone cupcake liners should be 100% silicone, with no binders or fillers. Paper liners should use food-safe colors and be made from food-grade paper with no bleach or chemicals.

Easy to clean

When it is time to clean your silicone mini cupcake liners, they can be easily washed in the top rack of your dishwasher. This is important, as washing 24 mini cupcake liners can get tedious.

If you are concerned that your cupcakes will stick and make for a challenging clean, you can add a little cooking spray to your silicone and aluminum cupcake liners.

Mini cupcake liners cost 

Disposable mini cupcake liners can be purchased for as little as $1 for a pack of 100 liners. If you are looking for reusable mini cupcake liners, you’ll spend between $10-$15.

Mini cupcake liners FAQ

What are the benefits of using mini cupcake liners?

A. Since many cupcake tins are made of non-stick materials, you might wonder what the benefits of using mini cupcake liners are. Benefits include:

  • Easy clean-up of your cupcake tin
  • No added grease or cooking spray
  • Less chance of burned cupcakes
  • Keeps cupcakes moist
  • Helps cupcakes retain their shape

How much batter should go in mini cupcake liners?

A. Unlike muffins, which should have a fluffy, overflowing top, you want your mini cupcakes to just reach at or below the top of the mini cupcake liner. To achieve this, do not fill your mini cupcake liners past the halfway mark. This is about 1 heaping teaspoon of batter per cupcake liner.

Which mini cupcake liners should I get?

Best of the best mini cupcake liners

Bakerpan Silicone Mini Cupcake Holders: available at Amazon

Our take: These reusable silicone mini cupcake liners are festive and functional.

What we like: These 100% silicone, food-safe mini cupcake liners come in four colors: blue, green, orange and pink (six of each color). They are oven safe to 446 degrees and dishwasher safe.

What we dislike: As small as they are, they are challenging to clean.

Best bang for your buck mini cupcake liners

Wilton Baking Cups 350-Count Mini Muffin Cups in White: available at Amazon

Our take: Every baker should have this simple pantry staple available. They are affordable and versatile.

What we like: These are 350, no-frills white paper mini baking cups. Each cup has a 2-ounce capacity for perfect portions every time. They are disposable and microwave safe.

What we dislike: Single-use, disposable paper cups add to the landfill. These are good for taking treats to a bake sale but using them on a regular basis is not environmentally friendly.

Honorable mention mini cupcake liners

MyStar Aluminum Foil Mini Cupcake/Muffin Baking Cups: available at Amazon

Our take: These shiny, sturdy foil mini cupcake liners can be used more than once.

What we like: This is a pack of 150 aluminum cupcake liners. Each holds just over 2 ounces. They are safe in the oven and the freezer. The flexible foil allows you to easily pop cupcakes out.

What we dislike: No complaints in terms of the function of these mini cupcake liners. They are listed as disposable but sturdy enough to be washed and reused.

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